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Khalid A. Al-Tayaran
Valued Contributor


I need to learn about clustering in windows. How to do it ? I know we need Win2K Advanced server ? But what else (software / hardware)?? Any links to docs... ?
Bernhard Froehlich
Occasional Visitor

Re: Clustering

High Khalid

There are some useful documents directly available by Mycrosoft. Check out the following link:

For the first - you realy need Win2000 Advanced Server. This packat contains all what you need.

If you need additional information dont hasitate to contact me.

Best regards
Erwin Zoer_1

Re: Clustering

Hello Khalid,

First of all, clustering is not something to be taken lightly. You will need time to understand clustering technology before implementing it and you will need to make sure that the hardware platform to build it on, will support clustering. Lot's of resources regarding clustering are available but I recommend these two:

Microsoft Cluster Service Installation Resources:;en-us;259267


Scott Schnoll's Cluster Server Center:

Both pages contain an enourmous amount of information on clustering.

Good luck.

Jane Bonwell_2
Occasional Contributor

Re: Clustering

These are questions of interest to many of us, I believe. Now tell me, how does clustering differ from partitioning? Thank you, JaneB
Fernando Santos_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: Clustering

Most basic considerations about Clustering (for beginers):

- 2 or more servers (hardware) handle the same service/application (software)

- if one server (hw) fails the other(s) server(s) take care of the app/service

- The 2 (or more) servers are connected by a private network and a public network. Thus each server needs 2 network adapters

- the private network is used to sync the servers (heartbeat and other comm.)

- the servers share the same disks called Cluster share disks (MUST be: NTFS, BASIC, and only HW RAID)

- The software should be prepared to work in cluster (called CLUSTERWARE, almost all w2k inbox SW - DHCP,IIS,TS).
SQL and EXCHANGE only enterprise versions

note: DNS is not ClusterWare

Any tip can help. Helping or not!