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Jordan Legendre
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Color Settings

My computer was reset with Ctrl, Alt, Del, and when it restarted the color
setting was reduced to "16 colors". I was prompted and encouraged to change my
setting to "256 colors" or greater. This prompt came up whenever I tried to
play games or install the internet. It instructs me to go through control
panel, display, settings and change the color. I followed the instructions and
tried to change my color setting to "High color(16 bit)". It then told me that
in order to apply this new color setting, I would have to restart my computer.
Whenever my computer restarts, it still has only the "16 color" setting. I
cannot figure out how to change my color setting in order to obtain optimal
performance. You can tell that the color setting is not high enough, because
even the screen savers aren't as colorful as they used to be. I have a Hewlett
Packard Pavilion 8240. The only software CD's that I have are Windows 98 and HP
Pavilion Personal Color Scanner Installation CD. Please tell me how to fix
this problem eithe
r directly on the computer, through the internet, or let me know what software
I need to obtain to correct this problem. Thank you.
Gerard Laygui
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Re: Color Settings


You may want to check if you are still using the same video driver. There may
have been some file corruption on the video driver and the system may have
loaded a standard driver to compensate. To fix this situation, you might try
re-installing the original driver.

Good Luck,
David Velazquez
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Re: Color Settings

Hi, My name is David, let my try to help you!!!

I ask you the following questions:

1) What is Your computer is a Laptop or Desktop?
If your computer is a Laptop, maybe, the resolution of your display is limited
and your need to re-sizing at original or pre-determinated resolution.

2) Do you have the original drivers or CD of your computer?
This is important in order to re-install the original drivers, else, you can
find it on Internet. I can you, please send me the computer specifications.

3) What is the O.S of your computer (Win 95, NT)
Is different if you use Windows 95 or windows NT, If you have windows NT, you
can re-load the last good configuration, for this, you need press the space bar
during the start-up.

Well, I hope that before issues could be useful.
I apologize for my english. I try to do my best effort!!

Best regards!!

David Velazquez
Karen Mcclure
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Re: Color Settings

I, too, use a Pavilion 8240 and am experiencing problems with color settings.
My color palette is "spotted" and some custom colors have developed the same
pattern. Anything created and sent to the printer in color is atrocious..ink
is spotty. If I print in the same thing in grayscale however the quality is
excellent. Anybody out there no the cause/solution? It does not seem to
matter whether I have mine set at 256 colors, 16 bit or 32 bit.