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Computer hangs - part 2

Computer hangs - part 2

Dear People,

Thanks to all who had replied earlier. Computer Pavilion 8863 still hangs upon switching with the HP logo and goes no further. Did tried the followings: RAM, battery, CPU fan & power supply with & without all the periperals. The original power supply does not maintain the HDD light "on" (the original PS has an extra cable goes to a terminal near the PS socket & it is meant for the PS fan - so has problem getting a replacement unit) and the fan was not working (but change to a good one later) are the only observation. Is it possible the CPU (it is not warm at all) had burnt itself out earlier or is there any other fault? Need to change the motherbroad? Thank you in advance to all replies.
Ronald Postma
Honored Contributor

Re: Computer hangs - part 2

Hi Danny,
If only the CPU is damaged, you would get an error in the post, motherboard is very likely the cause of the problem
You also tried the Bios-reset I mention there?

PS. For other readers this is his previous post her refers to:
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