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Conversion From vb6 to Visual Basic 2008 Express

George Ingram
Occasional Visitor

Conversion From vb6 to Visual Basic 2008 Express

I have written a vb6 program using Windows 2000 and VB6 that must now be converted accommodate Windows XP through Windows 7 using Visual Basic 2008 Express. My program uses a database table created in access 2000. The program is backward compatible with W2k and Win98 but mot for XP through Windows 7.
I have researched for coding examples the (2) attached examples with no understandable results. I am new to Visual Basic 2008 Express and the researching of these problems has reached overload, and its time to ask for help. My online queries indicate that you are familiar with the subjects and based on the advice given in similar inquires hope becomes alive again.
My questions regards the coding for converting from vb6 to Visual Basic 6 to Visual Basic 2008 Express.
The 2 attached examples are from my vb6 program that I need the equivalent code for Visual Basic 2008 Express.
If additional information is needed Please let me know. There are notations within the code as to what the modules do.
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Jacob Heubner
Honored Contributor

Re: Conversion From vb6 to Visual Basic 2008 Express

You're in the wrong forum.

This forum answers questions about HP's ServiceCenter and Service Manager applications.