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Cpu usage problems with windows XP

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Cpu usage problems with windows XP

Hi there, ive been using windows Me for some time now, i have a hp pavilion 7940, (1.3ghz, 40 gb hardrive, 630 sd ram). I transfered this sytem to windows ME to windows XP, with ease i managed to get everything up and running, how ever, once i managed to learn more about XP, i discovered there was a problem. i pressed alt+ctrl+del and saw the cpu usage was a 50%, no program is running in the background, and when i play a dvd the cpu usage goes to 100%. I did alternating tests on the system (i.e take off running back ground programs)and still it ran somewhere between 50%. Ive checked other system and they seem to bee running @ 0% to 5%. why is this so? does the bios need changing or something.
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Re: Cpu usage problems with windows XP


Did you install the SP1 for XP.
Here is the SP1 for XP:

The high usage CPU can occur if you don't have enough space in your HD or your Memory is low.

Also, press the alt+ctrl+del and click on the process TAB. Check which process is high. try to set the prioritry to normal if it is high. Or if you are suspecting about a process then just stop it.
Hope this help.
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