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DTOLE Error will not go away.

Shafiq Rahman
New Member

DTOLE Error will not go away.

I am getting an error on 2 of my computers as follows:

|Dtole |
| This program has performed an illegal operation |
| and will be shut down. |
| |
| If the problem presists, contact the program |
| vendor. ----- ---------- |
| |CLOSE| |DETAILS >>| |
| ----- ---------- |

If you press close it reapears infanitely. Unless you reset
the computer. It pops up at
unknown times.
Jamie Hughes_1
Regular Advisor

Re: DTOLE Error will not go away.

Hello Shafiq,

The problem you are describing is documented at Microsoft's website as a known
issue. Have you clicked the Details button when you get the message? It will
give you the details of the error message that you are getting.

Without the specific details, I believe you are having the problem documented
in Microsoft's Knowledge Base article Q192969. This problem can occur if you
have installed the HP PictureLink software that is included in the HP OfficeJet
drivers. According to Microsoft, this can be fixed by updating to the latest
version of the software. Just go out to the HP website, click on Drivers, and
then follow the prompts for the OfficeJet product you have. You should then
download the latest version of the software and/or drivers.

As an interim fix, you can move the Hppicture.lnk file from the Startup
folder. You should still download the latest software if possible.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes