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Stephen Foy_1
Occasional Visitor


I've just installed a Netraid-1SI card into a Netserver E50 and it seems to
work well. However, whenever I restart the server the Raid Card doesn't get
picked up on bootup,the drives are not initialize and so no NOS is found.
If I actually power off the server and turn it back on, the card IS picked up
and NT4 loads successfully.

Any ideas???
Jamie Hughes_1
Regular Advisor

Re: E50 and NETRAID-1SI

Hi Stephen,

Sorry you're having trouble with the NetRaid. Can you please make sure you
have the latest firmware for the NetRaid 1SI? The latest firmware is F.02.02,
released 3/2000, and there are several fixes in it. I'll include a link for
you below so you can download the latest firmware.

If you're already at F.02.02, please post another message and include the BIOS
revision on the E50. I hope the firware upgrade takes care of the problem but
post another message if it doesn't and we'll look into it further. We've got
to eliminate the firmware and BIOS before proceeding.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes