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Evo notebook external display problem

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Elliot Nesterman
Occasional Advisor

Evo notebook external display problem

When I attach a projector to the external port of my EVO N610c notebook the display adapter makes both the lcd panel and the projector primary displays. This causes the video chip much confusion; the external display continually jiggles and flickers. I can set the advanced properties to make the projector the clone display, but the setting doesn't stick between boots. This is not a problem for me, but is a big issue for our corporate users during presentations. Does anyone know if there is a way to force the external monitor to be the clone and the nhotebook's screen to be the primary? Thanks.

Evo N610c
ATI Mobility Radeon 7500
Windows XP Pro
The closer you are to the code, the happier you are. - Ancient Geek Proverb
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: Evo notebook external display problem

To be XP compatible a PC has to support two displays. If it is not doing it very well then I would first upgrade the BIOS (Rompaq for Evo N610c System BIOS (68P4F ROM)
) and the video driver (Radeon M7 Video Driver)then get the System Enhancements Disk for Windows XP. These are all on

Then go to and let them scan your system to see what else you need.

I can't tell from the online manuals whether yours has it or not but on my Armada there is a Fn key and if you hold it down and press the F4 function key (the notebook is in the docking station right now so I can't look at it I think it's the one with two interlocking rectangles on it) it will switch between the builtin screen and the external.


Elliot Nesterman
Occasional Advisor

Re: Evo notebook external display problem

Thanks for the files, Ron. Yesterday I finally had the time to work on the notebook. I actually ran the restore CD and then applied all the patches i could find, including the ones in your post. it seems to be fine now.
Oh, Fn+F4 cycles the display on this machine also. The problem seems to have been the ATI drivers.
Thnaks again.
The closer you are to the code, the happier you are. - Ancient Geek Proverb