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ExStream: Duplicate reference values in reference file: error EX003654W

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ExStream: Duplicate reference values in reference file: error EX003654W


I have a question regarding driver and reference files.

We have a set up that has a driver file defined with date and customer acct. Then we have a reference file that has multiple row of records for the particular date and account of a customer. So for date X and account Y, we get multiple rows of data which we display on a statement.

The problem is when we run the package. We get an error with the message in the title of this topic and the error. The error also lists an "example" of the problem is and it lists an account. When we check in the tables, we have multiple dates X for the account Y and each date/account combination has multiple rows of data. And that is just the way it should be. So why are we getting the error?

The result that is being produced is a statement that has a random row of data for the date/account combination and only one is being displayed, instead of multiples.

Our driver file looks like this:
Date(K), Account(K), CustomerName


Our reference file looks like this:
Date(K), Account(K), SequenceNum(K), SomeOtherData

2011-03-21, 4444, 1, Desc1, 22.50
2011-03-21, 4444, 2, Desc2, 23.50
2011-03-21, 4444, 3, Desc3, 24.50
2011-01-22, 4444, 1, Desc1, 11.50
2011-01-22, 4444, 2, Desc2, 12.50

(K) above means keys in the table.

We have defined a key in Exstream to be Account from the driver file. I believe, this is a correct setup for Driver/Reference file in Exstream, so why the error?

After some investigating, we found that with multiple keys in tables, we should use an Auxiliary file. We have added one too, and that does not change the output. So what is it that we are doing wrong? Does anyone have any insight on this? I would very much appreciate it.

Thank you.



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