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Re: Excel 2000/HP C 4500

New Member

Excel 2000/HP C 4500

We just purchased a new HP Color Laserjet 4500 and I am having all kinds of
problems printing from Excel 2000. It seems there is a problem with the
driver, or just a bug in Excel 2000. I have already applied the Service Patch
for Office 2000, and nothing changed. Every time we print to the printer, it
crashes Excel.

I can print from Excel 97 just fine, and all other Office 2000 products.

Need help
Regular Advisor

Re: Excel 2000/HP C 4500

Hi Chris,

It does sound Excel related since your other Office 2K apps print OK.

Does this happen on every document you try to print from Excel? Have you tried
to create a new spreadsheet with just one column of text and print?

Is this printer directly connected to the client or on a network? Can other
users print from Excel 2K? What operating system and version is the client(s)?

Can you clarify what you mean by "crashing"? Are you getting any kind of error
message when Excel crashes? Does it hang up and you have to End Task, or does
the window just go away with no message, etc? Does this happen as soon as the
user clicks/selects Print or does it appear to be sending the document and then

If there is a print server involved, are there any errors in the System Event
log on the NT server?

There's a chance it could be the driver - have you downloaded the latest
drivers for the printer?

I hate to ask you so many questions but maybe we can narrow down the problem a
little bit this way.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes