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Exchange Issues

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Bill Baggesen_1
Occasional Contributor

Exchange Issues

I run a small network running 2003 SBS. Which ofcourse comes complete with exchange. Anyways i dont think i ever really properly set it up to begin with. THe system sends local email back and forth with no issues and smtp never has issues for outgoing unless we try to mail someone with the same address who is not on the local network. well now that we have expanded a bit we are running into issues. There are users who need email address' but not local machines on the local network. that is where my problem is.
lets say my email address is
i can email anyone within the local network with no issues.
when i email someone outside the building it kicks it back to me saying unreconizable address.
Our ISP hosts the pop accounts so that the people outside the building can check their email by a browser based system.
it works fine unless tries to email
bill being in one city annie being in another.
if bill emailed john (who is on the local network, its fine) also if emails anyone other then another address outside the local network it works fine.
please help!!
Bryan Eley
Trusted Contributor

Re: Exchange Issues


I'm no expert on this, but you may need to add a secondary policy for each user account on the exchange server that specifies POP settings for your ISP, and for your email to go to other users outside your organization you may need to uncheck "This exchange server is responsible for mail delivery for this address ."
Check out to see if the issue discussed is relevant to your situation.
Hope this helps!