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Exchange / Sendmail Configuration

David Karakas
Occasional Contributor

Exchange / Sendmail Configuration

I want to set up a HP box to route all outbound mail to an exchange server that has access to the public internet. I also want to set up the exchange server to receive the HP boxes mail (via DNS MX) and route it to the HP box. The goal here is to allow bi-directional e-mail to/from the public internet that goes through the exchange server.

Currently, I have relaying mail to and this works quite well. This was accomplished using the DS macro in the file.

I have a public DNS server with the following: IN A
MX 10 IN A


When mail is sent to the originating mail server does a nslookup and discovers the MX record and correctly forwards the mail to Now having received the mail performs its own nslookup for, discovers the MX record and forwards the mail to itself in a loop until ttl kills it. Exchange doesn't seem to know what its hostname is.

I believe that the HP sendmail is configured correctly. What do I have to do to get exchange to do what we intend?

On exchange we have tried putting in the ip address to forward to but it reconstructs the To: header and changes it to user@ipnumber instead of user@fqdn. This causes sendmail to reject it.

Please only answer this if you have successfully performed the same type of environment. I have already received many well intentioned but wrong suggestions.


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Re: Exchange / Sendmail Configuration

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