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Floppy Access

Claire HAckett
Occasional Visitor

Floppy Access

I saved an excel file onto a floppy disk but now I can't open it. The error message that occurs is along the lines of:This file is read-only or maybe stored in a read-only location. I've tried copying it onto my hard drive and opening it from there but it won't copy. There are other files on the same disk and they open fine. I think it resulted from ejecting the disk while the light was still on. Can anyone please help. The file is important.


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harry d brown jr
Honored Contributor

Re: Floppy Access

You can try on of the commercial disk recovery places, but like you said, it was probably caused by ejecting it while it was still writing.

live free or die
Live Free or Die

Re: Floppy Access

I have a software to recover excel files damage, if you send me by e-mail this file I will try to recover and I send you back.

Olivier ROBERT
Frequent Advisor

Re: Floppy Access

Dear Claire,

Try to get access to a non-Windows machine to open the file, Linux for example. I know someone who had a similar problem with a Word document, and I managed to copy the file on a Linux machine, I sent him the file via E-mail and he was able to read it fine.

Hope this helps,