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Re: HP-5L Support For HPGL Commands

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HP-5L Support For HPGL Commands

Does the HP-5L support HPGL commands? I ask because I understand the HP-4
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Re: HP-5L Support For HPGL Commands

Hi Phil,

I'll include a link for you below to the LaserJet 5L homepage. There are lots
of FAQs, technical documents, etc off of that page. Hopefully the answer
you're looking for will be off one of those links. If not, you can give the
printer support group a call at 208-323-2551. I searched for a forum but they
don't have one for that model.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes
New Member

Re: HP-5L Support For HPGL Commands

Thanks for your response. I couldn't find anything regarding HP-GL in the
HP-5L homepage.

I called the HP printer support group as suggested. They say the 5L uses the
same print driver as the 4 series and uses the same fonts, therefore it should
work if it does for the 4 series.

I'll to wait for my co-worker to return who figured out how to put the HP-4
into HP-GL mode.