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HPWirelessMgr Module

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HPWirelessMgr Module


I replied to one of the thread that was sent previously on this site regarding the HPWirelessMgr module.
I have an compaq 2500 laptop and when I login to it I get an error regarding the HPWirelessMgr module askng me to send or not to send the error to microsoft then after that I get my background picture but nothing else, no icons, no taskbar...
I am able to run some applications using the task manager but it's quite limited.
Looing at the solution that was presented to William Skinner on Jan 6, 2005 19:33:24 GMT I tried to ix it using this and didn't went any further. I tried to scan it using highjackthis, spybotS&D, antispy1.6, regclean, cswshredder, spydoctor but nothing worked.
I have been troubleshooting this project for 5 days now and still nothing, I need this to work as soon as possible since this laptop is mostly used for my work.

Thanks for any help you can provide me with

Ron Kinner
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Re: HPWirelessMgr Module

If you can run hijackThis (1.99) you should see a line:

O23 - Service: HPWirelessMgr - Hewlett-Packard Co. - C:\Program Files\HPQ\Notebook Utilities\HPWirelessMgr.exe

Check it and then hit Fix Checked. Then reboot.

You can also run msconfig and stop it from booting.

Or use Task Manager to start regedit and navigate down to


then Edit Find HPWirelessMgr.exe

It should find it on a key that says ImagePath. Right below there should be one called Start. Double click on the Start and change it to 4 then OK and close and reboot.

or run cmd
then type:

cd "\Program Files\HPQ\Notebook Utilities\"
ren HPWirelessMgr.exe HpWirelessMgr.bad

or just kill it off.

erase /f "\Program Files\HPQ\Notebook Utilities\HPWirelessMgr.exe"

That should get your Windows back working anyway - if HPWirelessMgr.exe is really the problem.

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Re: HPWirelessMgr Module

Hi Ron

Thanks for the reply
Unfortunately this didn't fix my problem. As a test in the msconfig utility I enabled basic startup so only the basic stuff would be loaded but at the reboot it didn't complain about the error but didn't got my windows back.
Is there any logs I can send you or any tool I can use to troubleshoot?
From the taskbar I tried to install some antispy software but some of them using windows installer wouldn't install. I am able to start some applications like photoshop but explorer or iexplorer do not start. Also there is no control pannel displayed in the menu while I browse to open a file (using file -- new task from task manager).

Any Idea?

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Re: HPWirelessMgr Module

My Buddy Had A Compaq Laptop That This Problem Showed Up ON. OK This Is What I Did For My Freind. I Couldnt Get Around This For About Three Days Of Trying Everything I Knew I Posted A Couple Of Threads And Really Nothing Helped Got Some Good Info Though. Threw A Couple Of Points Out There Ya Know. AnyWay What I Did Was Install Windows Again, Did Not Format! Then As Soon As Installation Was Done I Ran MSConfig And Disabled It Before It Had A Chance Run. I Previously Read Some Threads Saying That This Wouldnt Fix The Problem, But I Think I Got To It Before It Could Do Its Damage. So I Know This Works. This Is The Only Thing That Worked. His Comp Is Still Running Fine.
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Re: HPWirelessMgr Module


So basically there is no way to fix this problem. I am out of town for the next 2 month and don't have any windows cd and I am stuck with this problem. Can I get a clear confirmation by HP that there is absolutely NOTHING to do with this.