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How to connect 2 computers

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How to connect 2 computers

Hello all,

I have 01 laptop (OS is win98) and 01 desktop (OS is Winxp). I would like to configure 02 my computers and connect them by using cross cable?

Sanjay Kumar Suri
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Re: How to connect 2 computers

Install two lan cards one on laptop and another one into the desktop. Connect them with a crossover cable and then you could access shared files and stuff.

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R. Sri Ram Kishore_1
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Re: How to connect 2 computers


Use a cross-over cable and assign IP addresses to both the systems. Check out this link for step-by-step instructions:

This link would also help:

Sri Ram
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Re: How to connect 2 computers

After attaching the computers physically between the 2 NICs using the Cross-Over cable:

For Win98;en-us;814241&Product=w98

For WinXP;en-us;304040&Product=winxp

Hope this help
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Re: How to connect 2 computers

If you just want to be able to swap files a cheap and easy way is to use a USB jump drive, for about $20. If you have a digital camera I use a USB compact flash card reader and a PCMIC card reader of which I payed around $12 a piece. It is simple, cheap and easy.
Thomas Bianco
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Re: How to connect 2 computers

You might want to go ahead and purchase a Soho router, such as a Linksys or D-link. These provide easy networking and connection to broadband Internet when you choose to get it.

The non-wireless ones are dirt cheep, and even the top-o-the-line 802.11G variants are only ~$80. You'll also need 2 networking cards (less any you already have or possibly a PCMCIA card for the laptop) which can be had for ~$10-20 each, wireless ~$40-50. Plus straight cables if you're not going wireless.

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Bharat Katkar
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Re: How to connect 2 computers

You can even purchase a 4/8 port HUB/Switch which will not cost you much and try connecting the PC's to it with straight cable(Patch Cord). This will allow you to add more PC's if you want in future.

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Re: How to connect 2 computers

As posted by Bharat, a hub cost 20/30$ and you can connect any net printer too.

Antonio Vigliotti
Antonio Maria Vigliotti