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How to limit the msgagtq file size ?

ROCHER Gregory
Occasional Contributor

How to limit the msgagtq file size ?


I've got an agent installed on a NT4 server.
The file msgagtq is in the /usr/ovo/opc folder.
The file size has increased (1 Go) and the C: is full.
I've deleted the file.
Do you know what can I do for this problem ?

Thank you very much for your help.
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: How to limit the msgagtq file size ?

msgagtq is Message Agent Queue file. Appears this is something to do with Open View Operations.

"The message agent is the interface between the subagents and the server. A pipe or event of any subagent that placed a message or request in the queue file (msgagtq) notifies it.
The management server has only one interface, but the controlled node have 4."

This apparently communicates via RPC or ICMP so it could be that one of the blaster type worms is active in your network or it could be that rpc is not running or that ICMP is being blocked by a firewall.

I found the following sugestions on an OV forum:

>1.Check whether dce/rpc is running on both management server/agent.
>2.You can try doing a /opt/OV/bin/OpC/utils/opcsystst -a from server to
>agent and agent to server and see whether the communication thru rpc is ok.
>3. Check whether you can do a traceroute/ping from both sides
>4. Verify whether name resolution is ok from both sides.

Also found in (in reference to VPO and DCE)
"There are several things to look at :

1. Take a look at the queue on management server :

strings /var/opt/OV/share/tmp/OpC/mgmt_sv/msgmgrq

Check if your message can be seen there (i.e. send some unique text)

2. Firewall can be an issue - especially if it
blocks ICMP-s. Verify that as well - agent will start buffering messages if it can't reach
the server via ICMP check first.

3. Also check whether distribution is successfully completed (you will see that time stamps in /var/opt/OV/conf/OpC have changed).

It should also be possible to check if your message agent tries to contact message receiver (I would use tcpdump on Linux and snoop/nettl on Solaris/HP-UX, respectively)."

That time it was the ICMP being blocked by a firewall which was fixed by :

"You can use "OPC_RPC_ONLY TRUE" keyword in opcinfo file to disable usage of ICMPs to check if server is there. However there seem to be some indications there are issues with this with some older versions "