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IP Address problems

Leigh Anne Rogers
Occasional Contributor

IP Address problems

While working on the NT Workstation and the Windows 2000, I have problems staying connected to the internet. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. When I go to the DOS prompt and type in ipconfig/release/renew, I normally get access to the internet again. The weird thing is that the IP address is exactly the same as it was before I did the DOS command. Someone please let me know if you might know why this is happening to me. If you don't know why, please give me a hint.

Thank you very much,

Leigh Anne Rogers
Craig Rants
Honored Contributor

Re: IP Address problems

Ok, based on your info I assume that you are using DHCP, probably from and HP server and you are inquiring about why the DHCP assigns you the same ip everytime?!

My answer is based on this assumption, (since this is a hpux forum)

Anyway, the old ip you where assigned probably has not expired thus when you make your request, DHCP will just assign it back to you again. Or, you are not getting assigned a valid ip from DHCP and W2K just says it is going to take the old ip you had.

Of course these are assumptions based on your info.

Good Luck,
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Darrell Allen
Honored Contributor

Re: IP Address problems


You should get more replies in the Microsoft forums but...

Is this using RoadRunner? I have co-worker who was having the same problem. It was being caused by a weak signal (too many splitters on the cable weakened it). The cable company installed a booster for their line and the problem went away.

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Roger Baptiste
Honored Contributor

Re: IP Address problems


WHere exactly is the problem? Since you see the same IP address, it seems the DHCP connection is still alive. the question than should be why your internet connection is getting broken and that could be something unrelated to the ip address issue.

Take it easy.