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Incorrect font printing out of Lotus Notes

Mark Woods_1
Occasional Visitor

Incorrect font printing out of Lotus Notes


I'm about at my wits end with this problem I'm having with some of my users
printing documents out of Lotus Notes 4.6.x.

Current user setup:
Pentium II-based desktops and notebooks
Windows 95B + IE4.01SP2 + Y2K Updates
Lotus Notes 4.6.x
HP LJ II series and LJ 4 series drivers (installed from Windows 95 CAB files)

Network setup is an NT 4.0 domain, using a dedicated NT 4.0 server as a print
server where all of the print queues are setup. Printers use Lantronix
MicroPrint Servers running off of the NT queues. Clients have LPT ports
connected to the NT queues via 'USE' statements run at login.

Since doing some of the required updates for Y2K and security reasons in
Windows 95, some of these users have found that printing documents from Notes
(using the HPLJII and HPLJ4 drivers, printing to HPLJII and HPLJ4 printers)
will print out in the Gill Sans UltraBold font, and not the default Helv font.

Uninstalling and re-installing the printer drivers has had no effect so far.
This problem does not happen with Postscript drivers, only PCL. One user I was
able to fix was printing to an HPLJ5 with LJII drivers. Loading the correct
LJ5 drivers 'fixed' his, but that's only one.

Any ideas as to what could be causing this? Since the documents look normal in
Notes when viewed...think it may be some type of font-translation, or driver
incompatibility now that these updates are in place.


Mark L. Woods
Integration Analyst
Protein Technologies International, Inc.
St. Louis, Missouri USA
Chris Jones_2
Occasional Visitor

Re: Incorrect font printing out of Lotus Notes

I have a similar problem with Lotus Notes 4.6.7, Windows NT, and HP 4000 N printers. The default Notes font has switched from printing as Albertus Medium PCL font to a hard-to-read font which may be Univers Medium Condensed or Helvetica Narrow. This may have started to happen after an NT service pack was installed.

Does anyone know what determines the PCL font used to print from Lotus Notes?