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Installing a printer driver

Pam Fridie
Occasional Visitor

Installing a printer driver

When I try to install a printer driver I downloaded from the HP website to my
PC (Windows 95) I get the following message: "Communication cannot be
established between the printer you identified and the computer." Meanwhile the
printer is connected to the computer and prints out(poorly)whatever I ask it.
The printer is a Deskjet 600C. Please help. I can't get through to HP by phone,
not even at $2.50 a minute!
Jamie Hughes_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Installing a printer driver

Hello Pam,

I've searched for an answer to your problem on the Microsoft side and I can't
find much. I believe you have a problem with the driver itself. You may want
to cross-post your question in the printer forum. I'll include the URL here
and you can post there too. Maybe someone has seen this issue before with that
particular driver. You might also want to try downloading again to make sure
you got all of the files, etc.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Jamie Hughes
Tao Schencks
Occasional Visitor

Re: Installing a printer driver


It is possible that the printer uses a Bi-directional cable to talk to the PC
to confirm it's existence. You may be using a printer cable that does not
conform to those standards.

I would also try deleting the LPT port from the system device tree in Control
Panel and rebooting letting 95 redetect it. This may overcome an IRQ or system
resource issues.