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Jetdirect and Windows NT TCP/IP network

Lars Floden_1
Occasional Visitor

Jetdirect and Windows NT TCP/IP network

I work in the Network Control Center and have some users that cannot print to
there HP4+ printer. It is connected to the network through the jetdirect card
with BNC(coax). It uses a print server on a different subnet so users can
connect to it.

This is what happens when we try to print. When you try to print anything to
it, it doesn't do anything. If you look in the print que you see the document
still in there and the status says "Printing-status not available". Every 10
seconds or so it flashes and error there. Nothing prints out.

I have tried bypassing the print server and printing directly to it. It showed
it spooling, but nothing printed. It can print the test page built in to the
printer. Only TCP/IP is enabled and using DHCP.

We had a problem with the share before and rebuilt it with the latest drivers.
I can telnet to it so I know the connection is fine.

If anyone has any input, it would help greatly.

SrA Lars Floden
Deb Lueth
Occasional Advisor

Re: Jetdirect and Windows NT TCP/IP network

I had to install JetAdmin on each PC on my NT network to get them to print. I gave the printer an IP address too. Hope this helps.