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Linux Boot

Linux Boot

Some one can help me in restoring linux 5.2 on other system.As I have one linux5.2 server running and it is giving me a problem day to day,so I wanna to create a parrallel server so tht I can be secure while doing anything on present server.I had Dumped the whole systems through using dump command and now I wanna to restore it on new system.I do have have bootable disks but it doesn't recognize the scsi tape drive so i am stuck now to restore it.
So plz tell me needfull command so tht i can restore my present server as it is on to other system which has totally different hardware.
Or any way to boot the new server so tht it can recognize scsi tape drive.

Roger Faucher
Honored Contributor

Re: Linux Boot


I know nothing about Linux (and, BTW, you have posted this in the Microsoft forum), but on other systems, unless your software has 'bare-metal restore' capability, you must install a rudimentary OS capability, then install the backup-restore software you used to create the backup tape, then perform a restore function using the 'overwrite files' capability.


Otherwise, try posting the appropriate servers forum.

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