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Linux in Windows Partition

Vinod Krishnan
Occasional Contributor

Linux in Windows Partition

I have a HP Pavilion Home PC 8622 with Intel Pentium III processor and 10 GB Hard Disk. Since I am getting problems with the Win 98 OS (Second Edition) I would like to try out Corel Linux Second Edition as my new OS. Can I install this in my Windows partition without much problems ? Has some body tried it with good results ?
Albert E. Whale, CISSP
Honored Contributor

Re: Linux in Windows Partition

I have the Pavilion 6470Z and I am running a 'Dual' Boot of Linux-Mandrake 7.1 and Windoze 98 SE. Currently I am in Linux Mode performing an X Windows sessions from there and running DNS, Sendmail .... for Internet services on my Office Lan.

While I have heard of Linux in the Windows Partition, Linux-Mandrake includes the disk drake and disk druid tools for partitioning your computer to run Linux in a Native mode.

I would Highly recommend using Linux in this manner. However, here's the address for a Web Site which contains the mini Howtos to install with Windows.

I've also found useful references for you to examine in the Linux FAQ (with Answers) Guide

Hope this helps. Have a Great Day!

Sr. Systems Consultant @ ABS Computer Technology, Inc. &
Barry Robinson
Occasional Visitor

Re: Linux in Windows Partition

Well I have just taken the dive into the Linux world... worth a go. I am running Linux Mandrake on my 8513 Pavilion on a seperate partition which I made using Partition magic.

You can use Linux on your Windows partition... it uses a program called Lin4win... I have not tried it myself, but it seems pretty straight forward... I insert the CD in when I am running windows and it will auto run it and pop up with two options... Linux on Windows partition and Linux on seperate partition... I assume it is the same for Corel.

For more info have a look at....,, They will be able to tell ya much more than I could. :)

Cya round
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