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MS Access 97 - error causes by report wizard

Quynh Phan_1
Occasional Contributor

MS Access 97 - error causes by report wizard


I am using MS Access 97 on window NT 4.0 operation systems. Every time I create
Access report using report wizard, my PC crash. I got a blue screen with the
following errors on a blue screen.

STOP 0X0000001E (0XC0000005, 0XFD72C8A1, 0X00000000, 0X46574258)


Address dword dump fd43087, fd 38nb057, fd38bn057, ......

additional error messages were displayed.

I have restaged my pc & resinstalled MS Access but the error continue to occure
everytime I create a report.
The problem occured at the end of the report design, when I click FINISH to
preview the report.

Please help!!! Thanks.


Jamie Hughes_1
Regular Advisor

Re: MS Access 97 - error causes by report wizard

Hello Quynh,

The STOP message you reference is related to a driver that is trying to access
memory that is being used by another process. Someone could read the dump and
tell you exactly what area of memory is being compromised but I recognize the
filename it is complaining about, NAVENG.SYS.

You should try to disable or perhaps uninstall Norton Antivirus. NAVENG.SYS is
trying to access a portion of memory that is allocated to another process. You
can check with Norton to make sure you have the latest version of the software
and any patches necessary. This is a common STOP message and it is being
caused by Norton Antivirus. The fix is to update, disable, or uninstall

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes
David Velazquez
Occasional Visitor

Re: MS Access 97 - error causes by report wizard

I think that the problem is the memory, I suggest the following:

1) Increase the Virtual Memory (Inside Control Panel: System, Performance,
Change the Virtual Memory).
2) Close all applications and delete all temporary files (c:\temp\*.*), this is
because some temporary files are load on start up machine.

I hope that this solve your problem.

I apologize for my english, but I tried to do my best effort.

Best Regards!!!
Thanh Huynh
Occasional Visitor

Re: MS Access 97 - error causes by report wizard

It has been a while since you had that problem, have you got it figure out yet?

I've a similar problem with WinMe and Access 2000 where it completely froze when I go into the design view on any of my reports.

Once it is crash, Ctrl+Alt+Del won't work and I'd to restart the computer.

Help, cam on
Just learning