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Microphone Problem

Thamana Lekprichakul
Occasional Visitor

Microphone Problem

My apologu for posting a question not related to Microsoft's software question.
I am hoping that some one at this forum might be able to give or direct me to
the answer. Please do not tell me to get an answer from HP tech support. It
seems that I have to pay for it. Here is my question.

I bought a HP Pavilion system without buying HP monitor which has a built-in
microphone. When I tried to connect a microphone, there appear to have no
microphone jack on the sound card. There is a jack looks like a PS2 mouse jack
which I guess it is for the HP monitor's bulit-in microphone. Can any one tell
me where the microphone jack on a HP Pavilion is? Do I need to replace the
sound card just to be able to use a microphone?

Many thanks in advance for your answer.

Jamie Hughes_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Microphone Problem

Hello Thamana,

You might not have to buy a new sound card depending on what model Pavilion you
are talking about, although most of the Pavilion mic's are built in to the
monitor and not plugged into the back of the machine.

If there's no mic port on your current soundcard then I think your only option
is to replace it. I can tell you that the Pavilion support group would know
the answer to this because it's a very valid question and I'm sure it comes up
frequently. If you don't want to call them directly, I'll include the URL for
you to their user community forums and you can post your question there.

You can also post another message here and include the model number of your
Pavilion (6340, etc). I'll do my best to try and find an answer for you but I
think your best bet would be in the Pavilion support forum below. Just go to
the web page, click on Enter, then follow the prompts to your model Pavilion.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes
Thamana Lekprichakul
Occasional Visitor

Re: Microphone Problem

Hello Jamie,

Thanks for your reply and the resource link you provided. I was not aware of
the existence of the HP support forum until you pointed out. It is a very
useful source of information and I found precise answer I want there.

Thanks again.
Dung Lieu
Occasional Visitor

Re: Microphone Problem

I'm sorry I couldn't post a new message so I have to "reply" to this message because I'm having the same problem and wanted to know if the author has found out the solutions for his/her problem. Please get back to me if you've known the solutions. Thank you.