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NetServer 10/100TX problems

Chovav Zutrea
Occasional Visitor

NetServer 10/100TX problems

We have 2 HP Netserver LH4, each with dual Netserver 10/100TX NICs. They were
set to use fault tolerant with the drivers supllied from HP.

Every thing worked fine for the last 6 month or so, untill today.

In the morning, both servers where unreachable. It took us sometime to figure
out what can be wrong, and we ended up removing the "teaming" feature and using
only one NIC on each server.

We have the latest drivers installed.

did someone had this kind of a problem before?

NT 4.0, SP 5.
Gerard Laygui
Frequent Advisor

Re: NetServer 10/100TX problems


Yes, I've seen your problem happen before. Some of the common solutions to
your problem is to:

1. Reinstall the NIC driver
2. Reapply/apply the latest NT Service Pack
3. PCI Bus contention problems may also be the real problem so putting your
SCSI adapter and NICs on seperate PCI buses may also solve your problem.
4. Reinstall the TCP/IP stack
5. Restart the server
6. Check for errors generated in the system event log. This may aid in

Hope this helps you out.


Gerard Laygui