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Network install boot disk fails to load 3c589 PC Card drivers

Ed VanDyk
Occasional Visitor

Network install boot disk fails to load 3c589 PC Card drivers

Trying to install NT OS and am unable to boot to NT Network. HP 4150 Omnibook w/ 3c589 PC card. Hard drive currently has no OS. I'm receiving a "run time error R6003 Divide by zero". I've tried several install boot disks without success. Any suggestions?
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Jamie Hughes
Honored Contributor

Re: Network install boot disk fails to load 3c589 PC Card drivers

Hello Ed,

The R6003 divide by zero is an OLD DOS 5.x error. At what point during the install do you get this error? When you're trying to install the network card? Have you tried skipping that part, join a workgroup, and then install the nic?

It sounds like you have some old DOS files on the floppies you are using, either for the NT install or for the nic driver. Depending on exactly when you get the error, I would do the following:

- if you receive the error PRIOR to trying to load the nic driver, get some brand new floppies and create some brand new NT boot disks.

- if you receive the error when you supply the disk with the nic driver on it, you either have some bogus files on the disk, OR, you should just skip installing the nic during the install and you can go back and install it after you get NT loaded. I frequently skip installing the nic when I load NT because the install goes much faster and you can spend more time on your configuration once you get NT up and running.

Please let us know how it goes.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes