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Old Vectra Specifications

Kelly Claude
Occasional Visitor

Old Vectra Specifications

I am running an asset management service for ECS on behalf of our clients.
Can you supply me with or direct me to a http address that can give technincal
specifications of non-current kit. In this instance I am interested tin the
Vectra 486 /50n. But I am certain that I will require others. I only need RAM,
CPU type & Speed and HDD.
Thanks for any assitance you can offer.
Jamie Hughes_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Old Vectra Specifications

Hello Kelly,

I think I can get you started on this. I'm not sure which model of the 486N
you have (D26xxA or D27xxA). I will include the direct link for the specs on
the D26xxA in the URL below. This should answer all of your questions.

To find the product specs on other models, start out at this URL:

Once you're at the above page, you can either begin searching for info by Model
Name (pulldown), by entering the exact PC Product Number (D9739N), or you can
select the processor speed and then navigate from there. Once you select your
specific model, you should be presented with a page to select technical specs,
FAQs, driver info, etc.

I hope that helps you out!

Jamie Hughes
Kelly Claude
Occasional Visitor

Re: Old Vectra Specifications

Thanks for your help Jamie.