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Perl - pattern matching

Fabrizio Maggioni_2
Super Advisor

Perl - pattern matching

Hi Support,


I have created a perl script that read a configuration file and extract from it one field if pattern match (field separator is ;;)


If i run it on HPUX/Linux host it works corretcly but if i try to run the script on Windows box it fails.


The perl version is for both environment v5.8.8.


Can you help me ?











#Set my variables

my $in_file = $ARGV[0];

#my $in_file = 'configuration_logfile_weblogic';
open my $in_fh, '<', $in_file or die "Could not open file $in_file: $!

my $fqdn = `hostname`;

@hostname_short = split(/\./,$fqdn,2);

my $hostname = "@hostname_short[0]";

$hostname=~ tr/A-Z/a-z/;

while ( my $line = <$in_fh> ) {
        if($line =~ m/^$hostname;;(.*);;/) {
        print $1;

close $in_fh  or die "Could not close file $in_file: $!";



P.S. This thread has been moved from HP-UX>Languages and Scripting to Microsoft > general. -HP Forum Moderator

Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: Perl - pattern matching

>> ...if i try to run the script on Windows box it fails.


How does it fail?  What sort of error do you get?  

Fabrizio Maggioni_2
Super Advisor

Re: Perl - pattern matching



It didn't print $1 .. but now with this change:


my ($hostname) = `hostname` =~ /([-a-zA-Z0-9]+)/;
$hostname=~ tr/A-Z/a-z/;


it works correctly !