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Power Supply problems

Tom Sutch
Occasional Visitor

Power Supply problems

I have a Proliant 8500R server that gives us error messages on the power supplies. Sometimes we get them for a few days in a row and then we won't get them for a week or two. Sometimes the problem is with PS1 and other times it is with PS2. The event always comes out at midnight. For this reason, I don't believe the problem is with the power supplies. Throught Insight Mgr. it is currently stating on PS1 that EPROM failed. The other messages that we get are.

1. The fault tolerant power supply condition has been set to failed for the specified chassis and bay location.
2. The fault tolerant power supply condition has been set to degraded for the specified chassis and bay location.
3. The Fault Tolerant Power Supplies have lost redundancy for the specified chassis.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Roger Faucher
Honored Contributor

Re: Power Supply problems


If it were my system, I'd remove both power supplies and clean all/any electrical contacts as well as the mating connectors in the server. While they're removed, look for any obvious indications of overheating, any loose items, or any indication of something not quite right.

Other than that, I'd be inclined to update all the firmwares, software, drivers, etc.

It seems very odd that both power supplies would act up at the same time so I'd focus on common components/connections within the server during my physical investigation.

Hope this helps.

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Make a great day!