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PowerTerm Script Language+DDE

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PowerTerm Script Language+DDE

I have written two programs 1. C\:client.exe and C:\Server.exe in VC++ 6.0 under windows 2000 Professional.

C\:client.exe is a console application in C++ and and C:\Server.exe is C Windows, and both are written for supporting DDE.

Both work nice. I send XTYP_REQUEST and the message is handled properly in the Server.
Mean Client sends handle to a string "Wish". Server, in its call back function handles the is request for XTYP_REQUEST and displays
"Hello Prasanna" in the middile of the windows of the server program.

Now that I want to make use of PowerTerm Script Language. I have terminal (TELENET - Powerterm Interconnect), I want to make use of PSL to communicate with Server residing in my PC.

I am doing following steps.
1. Launching my server application (C:\Server.exe)
2. Connecting thru Telenet.
3. Wrote a .psl and saved it at C:\testpsl.psl

The script has following four lines

conv = [dde initiate C:\Server.EXE C:\Server.EXE]
res = [dde request $conv Wish]
send $res
dde terminate $conv.

4. In the TELNET connection, I go to
Script->Run Script and in the file selection dialog box I select C:\testpsl.psl and it open button.

With this I expect my server program (which is running as a result of step 1) should respond to the script and display "Hello Prasanna" in the middile of the windows of the server program.

This is not happening. Instead, the TELNET screen hangs. I need to close the TELNET connection and establish it again.

Can any one help me.

Prasanna Joshi
Johnny Kosuth
Occasional Visitor

Re: PowerTerm Script Language+DDE

PowerTerm is a terminal emulator used
to connect a PC to a remote host machine. It opens a window on your pc that behaves like a dumb terminal so
the host computer (e.g., a mainframe) can talk to it. You would never use DDE commands to manipulate the host machine.

The DDE commands in PowerTerm's scripting language (PSL) are a different thing altogether. They are used for communication between PowerTerm and third party applications, like MS Word or Excel, so that data sent from the host to the PT window can be used in these applications, or to send commands to the host from inside Excel, for example.

To activate commands on the host machine, or in your case, your server application, you would normally use the psl "send" command.

I hope this helps you,