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Print Screen causing freezing......


Print Screen causing freezing......

On occasion on our network a couple workstations experience freezing when trying to print screen from applications. Then after this happens they have problems accessing their documents from the server etc...We've reinstalled a few machines already and have tried a diff. network connection but they are still experiencing problems. The workstations are windows 98SE. The weird thing is the other people have the same workstations but no problems, and Im using the same connection as them so I dont get it. Also tested the persons profile frmo another machine and thats no problem, so.....??
Kim Torkelson
Respected Contributor

Re: Print Screen causing freezing......

Off the top of my head, I guess this is what I'd try:

1. Delete all everything the Temp folder (in c:\Windows folder) Just open up the Temp folder, Edit -> Select all and hit the Delete key
2. Make sure there is at least 10 percent of the hard drive free
3. Run ScanDisk and Defrag

It kinda sounds to me like either the Temp folder has reached its limit, or the hard drive is too full, or not enough contigous free space. When you use the PrtScrn in Win98, I think it writes to the Temp folder.
Good Luck