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Printing- FoxPro Programs

Damien Adams
Occasional Visitor

Printing- FoxPro Programs

It seems that in an in house program written using Fox Pro will not let us print to printers higher than a desk jet 650. The program uses the default printer in Windows and the printer driver loaded on the machine. Has anyone else expereienced this problem?
Jamie Hughes
Honored Contributor

Re: Printing- FoxPro Programs


I haven't heard about any problems printing to "higher" printers than the 650. Could you please describe the exact thing you are doing and then describe the error or problem that occurs.

There are several things you could look at but without a better description, it's hard to make a recommendation. You might want to take a look at Q162798 in the Microsoft or HP Technical Knowledge base which details how to use SET PRINTER TO NAME to specify report destinations.

If that doesn't work, please post more details and we might be able to help.

Jamie Hughes