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Printing grids in Access tables

William Sweeney_1
Occasional Visitor

Printing grids in Access tables

I have two printers, a HP Deskjet 722C and a HP Laserjet 4L. They are connected
to an "a-B" switch which works fine. The default printer is usually the
Laserjet 4L.

When I try to print tables (with gridlines) in ACCESS, the gridlines print fine
with the deskjet but will not work with the laserjet. (They do appear in print
preview). I have no trouble printing any lines or graphics with anyother
program. Because the gridlines in ACCESS work on the deskjet, I assume it must
have something to do with the laser. Any suggestions?
Jamie Hughes_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Printing grids in Access tables

Hello William,

I'm not sure what version of Access you are using, but there is a known issue
with Access 2000 and problems with gridlines not printing. I will give you the
details here in case you are running Access 2000 and you can try it. If you
are running another version of Access, please write us back and let us know
what version it is.

If you are using Access 2000, to check and see if we are talking about the same
issue, change the BorderColor Property of the line to a color other than black
and try to print. The lines should print now. Also, if you view the table,
query, or form in Datasheet view and the lines are black, you will not see

If you checked both of those things and got the results I mentioned, the
problem is with the RAW printer setting on the LaserJet. When the Spool Data
Format setting for the printer you are using is set to RAW, black lines will
not be printed on your report, and gridlines will not be displayed in your
table, query, or form in Datasheet View.

If you want to have black lines printed and displayed correctly in Datasheet
view, change the spool setting of the printer to EMF (Enhanced Metafile
format). Otherwise, change the color for the lines or gridlines to another
color (of course they would be the wrong color if you sent it to the color

I believe you can check that printer setting by going into Start, Settings,
Printers. Select the LaserJet Printer. In the printers dialog box, right
click the printer and go to Properties. In the Properties dialog box, it
should default to the General tab. Click on Print Processor. You can change
it to EMF and then make sure the Always Spool RAW datatype is not selected.

I hope that works for you William. If not, please write us back and tell us
the version of Access you are using.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes
William Sweeney_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: Printing grids in Access tables

Hello Jamie,

Changing the Spool to EMF did the job. This worked on Access 97 version. Many

Bill Sweeney
John Cassano
Occasional Visitor

Re: Printing grids in Access tables

I am using HP IIp and HP 855c. Cannot find an AB switch that work with HP printers. What model ab switch are you using? Or any advice. Thanks