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Problem with BDC and PDC

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Problem with BDC and PDC


I have a problem in BDC which is unable to communicate and give the login acces....

Following is the setup. :

* Details of PDC -
Ntpdc with DHCP and Wins servers installed, which is running NT 4.0 Server with SP6. and is on the network say 192.x.x.x
Hardware is : Normal Workstiation setup.

* Details of BDC -
NTBDC which is BDC for NTPDC (192.x.x.x) with NT 4.0 Server with SP5. and is on the same network.
Hardware : HP Netserver with Netraid configured.

*. Now, the problem is , we moved BDC to other network say (10.x.x.x) and was not able to communicate with PDC and it is working fine with its existing SAM database, and users were able to login to server and access the information.

*. But one day after restarting hte server, we could not able to login with account which was working earlier and not able to access this machine. But this machine is on the network and able to ping etc...

*. Now the problem is we are not able to login with any of the login and since this is BDC, we even can't login locally and this is BDC is in a locked state and data should accessable some how.

* Solutions attempted : Since BDC and PDC were in Different networks i.e one in 192.x.x.x and other in 10.x.x.x, we could not even take a control from PDC of BDC. and not able to change the ip address of BDC back to original network, so that it will able to communicate with each other and this will enbale the access. And PDC can take control of BDC.

* So connected both PDC and BDC in a single HUB and configured one NT server as a router between PDC and BDC for Different Network. And now PDC able to communicate with PDC.

So now the problem is, eventhough both are in the same HUB and able to communicate with eatch other, it is saying your account is locked ,even after 2 weeks and not able to take control from PDC server manager of BDC.
and From BDC if i initiate a sync b/w these two it comes out with error saying - ' Access Denied ' from PDC to BDC.

So how to take out the data from that...?

Please help

Jon Finley
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem with BDC and PDC

To synchronize the user account database of a backup domain controller with its primary, from the command prompt at the console of the BDC, issue "net accounts /sync".

For a synchronization of machine accounts and user account information, use the "Synchronize Entire Domain" selection in Server Manager.

So... First:

Install SP6 on the BDC.
then try a normal sync.

If that still doesn't work, try the net accounts /sync command.

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