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Proliant 3000 adding 2nd CPU

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Proliant 3000 adding 2nd CPU

Hi, I have (not recieved yet) a proliant 3000 single CPU 450. I want to know two things, firstly if I put a 2nd cpu in, what do I need (the board, cpu and VRM ?). 2nd I have heard that these servers support 600MHz PIII CPUs, and that to use them, you need to change the BIOS, is this true and is this just a flash?

Re: Proliant 3000 adding 2nd CPU


in the following link you'll find all the technical data regarding proliant 300 series:

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Re: Proliant 3000 adding 2nd CPU

Tom - Compaq had several models of the PL 3000. In your case it is not just a matter of updating the system BIOS in order to get the 600MHz support which is a Pentium III model. You haev a Pentium II model. To get this support you would actually need to get a new system board.

To update to a second processor you should just be able to add the processor ad the VRM.

Hope this helps.
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Re: Proliant 3000 adding 2nd CPU


Base system as shipped from Compaq is upgradable to dual processors. Compaq also offered a 4-way Pentium III Xeon upgrade program for the ProLiant 3000.

In order to add second processor, you need to change the jumper switch settings and voltage settings on the motherboard.

Bios upgrade should be done before the processor installation.
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