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Quickplay Direct

Jonathan Coscolluela
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Quickplay Direct


I recently purchased an HP dv1000t notebook. At initial boot, HP Quickplay direct can be accessed without booting Windows.

After creating PC Recovery discs, I deleted the 8MB partition HP reserved for PC Recovery. Since then, I can't access Quickplay without first booting windows.

It's not that big of a deal. I just find it annoying when I press the Quickplay button, the computer boots Windows, instead of running Quickplay.

I can only run Quickplay in Windows.

Has anyone experienced this problem? If so, I'd appreciate any input or suggestions for a fix.

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Re: Quickplay Direct

Hey Jonathan,
I had recently purchased a Pavilion dv1615ts notebook....i was unaware of the quickplay feature and hence did not test it until a month later...and even i am facing the same problem...when i press the DVD button Windows starts loading instead of Quickplay..i have performed distructive recovery several times through the recovery partition as well as the recovery CD's..but it did not help..As per the online technicians advice i even dowloaded the new updates but they were of no use...
I finally gave up and decided to give it to a HP service centre near my place..they are still working on it and if the problem is fixed i will definately let u know they way they solved it..

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Re: Quickplay Direct

Hi I got the solution to your trouble

All you need is to reinstall QuickPlay Direct, for this you need to create a free 1GB partition on your HDD but without formating. You can do this with partition magic or Hiren's boot CD has a lot of progrmas for partition.
For be sure make this non-format partition at the end of the partition of your OS.

If you just erease the restore partition ([doesn't format ALL your disc]) go to Control Panel---->Admin Tools----> Disk Mng. and you will see your hard drive (usually C:\) and a NTFS partition about 1GB and no letter, right clic on it and delete.

Then from Windows execute the HPQPDP setup, originally it came in hdd:\SWsetup\QPDP or HPQPDP

That's all....

I hope this solve your problem

Sorry for my bad english.

If you really appreciate this, please put this answer in any other forum.