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Sluggish 882C with Win 98

Doug Olen
Occasional Visitor

Sluggish 882C with Win 98

Recently upgraded to Win 98, had printer problems ever since. Tried
everything!! Had 722C worked great with Win 95, following upgrade to 98,
file\print and properties windows take tooo long to open and even longer to
execute print job. installed correct driver, port setting are correct, nothing
worked. Gave up and got an 882C thinking new printer no problems. Exactly
same thing happens with new printer.
Also when print in Word, OK button does not get dark outline like used to when
OK is clicked. System seems as if it is frozen but printer does eventually
execute command. When print from internet, OK button seems top function
properly, although it still takes too long for print windows to open, but not
as long as in Word, Excel etc.
Gerard Laygui
Frequent Advisor

Re: Sluggish 882C with Win 98


You may want to try printing directly to the printer in a RAW format rather
than spooling using an EMF format. Bypassing the spooler by printing directly
will check if your basic communication from computer to printer is setup
correctly. If this works, the file that the jobs are spooled to may be

Good Luck,