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Virus Brontok

Occasional Contributor

Virus Brontok

Hi i have been having a major problem with viruses on my machines.The computers are on a network and are all affected by the brontok virus i cant view folder options and its disabled my anti virus and regedit am actually considering formatting but then again i will loose alot of work.Is there any one out there who has a way that can effectively remove this virus?Any help will be highly appreciated.I have tried using some tools i downloaded from the internet but they just dont work.HELP.
Marco A.
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Virus Brontok


If you are running XP, you need to use the restoration utility to be able to make changes, restore to an earlier point.

Remove the following registry entries.:

[user's folder]\Local Settings\Application Data\smss.exe

[user's folder]\ShellNew\sempalong.exe

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
Explorer.exe "[Windows's folder]\eksplorasi.exe"

Hope this helps,

Just unplug and plug in again ....
Ronald Postma
Honored Contributor

Re: Virus Brontok

Hi Didanke,
Follow these instructions,

Have a nice day,
HTH, Ronald
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ed k.
Honored Contributor

Re: Virus Brontok

Hi Didanke, please see attachment with instructions on how to remove Brontok virus.
Best Regards :-) Ed K.
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