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Visual Source Safe disappearing changes

James Mohr
Valued Contributor

Visual Source Safe disappearing changes

Hi All!

At this point I am convinced that it is not my swiss cheese brain. I am positive that changes made to file Visual Source Safe are disappearing. I have older copies of MS-Word documents that contain entries that are not in the newer versions. Although I have not gone through every single line of the document, it appears as if changes are simply ignore or not registed. For example, from one version to the next, there are new or changed sections. However, the changes were not made by the person who checked out the file.

The bottom like is that I have lost all faith in VSS to be "safe". Any one else have similar experiences.


Laurence Wingerter
Occasional Advisor

Re: Visual Source Safe disappearing changes


In what sort of environment are you using Source Safe? To save your personal work? Or, to accommodate multiple users? What version of MS-Word is being used by all persons accessing files. And, finally, what procedures were being used to check documents in and out of Source Safe.

Source Safe uses the Read-Only flag to indicate a lock on a file (checked-out). A VB Editor or Visual Studio is smart enough to recognize that and still allow a person to work with the file. However, without an editor integrated with Source Safe, one would need to be manually resetting the flag after checkout in order to directly update it with MS-Word. That can really get confusing as time passes and many people are involved.