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Weird Citrix Problem!!!

Mark Zurakowski
Occasional Visitor

Weird Citrix Problem!!!

I know I may not be in the right forum but I have a really weird problem:

I have Citrix ICA Client ver.6 installed on a HP Pavillion computer using a dial-up connection... Everything works fine until a few seconds after I login... The computer restarts itself... What the heck is goin on?!?!?!?!?
Keith Wiswall
Occasional Visitor

Re: Weird Citrix Problem!!!

It sounds like there is a problem with your drive mapping with the citrix server. If your servers drives are mapped to a drive that you already have on the client computer it will reboot the computer, due to the fact that there is a drive conflict. Most companies will have the client drives be C:, D:, E: and then have the server drives be around P:. Check with you system administrator there should be an option in ICA which will do the drive mapping for you. Hope this helps you.