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What was first , Digit or Letter ? (Windows)


What was first , Digit or Letter ? (Windows)

Clearly Digit


but Microsoft sort order of files begin with letters to Digits means :


111.txt first OK

111-1.txt goes top of 111.txt , ERROR



in History first was the Digit , then the letter .


i want a HP Servicepack for this




Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: What sorts first, Digit or Letter? (Windows)

What version of Windows are you using?


On XP and Vista, mine has 111.txt then 111-1.txt.

But I don't see any letters here, just numerics and punctuation.  Somehow it seems that "." sorts before "-".

But "," sorts before ".".


On a Unix or Linux system with the C locale, the files typically sort in ASCII order, where "-" is before ".".


>in History


I'm not sure what History has to do with this topic?