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Windows XP installation

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Johan Carlsson_1
Occasional Visitor

Windows XP installation

Hi, I am pretty new to the forums. So I dont know what information to supply...

Anyway, I have just built my own computer and get some strange errors while trying to install windows XP

The system dumps and gives me the following one liner:


I dont know if this is software or hardware related. Anyone that can give me a hint?

Some Specs:

Intel P4 2,4GHz
Maxtor 60GB HDD
Daytona GeForce4 64MB
Intel D845GERG2 MotherBoard

Any Help will be most appreciated.
Thanks in advance
Rune J. Winje
Honored Contributor

Re: Windows XP installation

"paged area" is the disk, so "non paged area" is the memory (RAM).

However this error is very general...

If it is the
STOP 0x00000050 message (Page_fault_in_nonpaged_area)

It might be a number of things besides memory, like drivers that are not signed (verified) to work with WinXP (video drivers, disk-drivers, printer drivers, anti-virus drivers or any 'real-time' or hardware drivers).

So it could be either RAM or some driver (usually) or even application (but ruled out in this case as it is during installation of WinXP).

Dump-file analysis is generally needed to find out exactly which driver is responsibel (if this is the cause) but is outside the scope of this forum I believe...

You might want to have a look at:
and (although win2k specific it is probably relevant)