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Wireless Assistant is malfunctioning

Chet Noblett
Occasional Visitor

Wireless Assistant is malfunctioning

Somehow my software becme diabled and I can not find away to get it back to enable. The bios is enable but the wireless lan componet is now disabled and I can not find away to turn it back to enable.

Need some advice.

John Payne_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Wireless Assistant is malfunctioning

Is this a Windows question? If so:

a) you are in the wrong forum category. Some people here (Including me) pretend to not have any Windows experience.

b) if it is Windows, can you go to 'Control Panel' -> 'Network Connections', then enable the device?

c) if it's a different OS, more information would be helpful.

Hope it helps
Paul Slijkhuis
Valued Contributor

Re: Wireless Assistant is malfunctioning

when you have previously installed 3rd party wireless management software, this takes over control of the wireless settings. The hint Windows itself shows is helpfull: enable automatic settings. in other words: be sue to have Windows automatically configure your wireless network. You may als check the service called "wireless zero configuration" - and make sure this services is started / up and running.

This is just some practical advice - please be more specific if this didn't help. A screenshot and an error message help helpers help.

- Paul
IT Architect, contractor