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advanced search utility

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itai weisman
Super Advisor

advanced search utility

hello everyone,
I am desperately looking for an advanced file and folders search utility, that allow saving searches history, and allowing to find duplicate file (by name, by size or by date) - as well as doing regular searches (by date, size, name etc).

James C. Nix
Frequent Advisor

Re: advanced search utility

Check out the File Locator Pro and its freeware "lite' version Agent Ransack at:


I use the "lite" (free) Agent Ransack version at home. It has limited functionality in the advanced search modes. The features of the full File Locator Pro include all listed below:

Agent Ransack Features

Regular expression support for file name and contents
Highly efficient search algorithms
Immediate file contents search results
Export results to Text, CSV
Expression Wizard
Basic and Advanced interface
Detailed help file
Command line options
Print preview

File Locator Pro features

ZIP, RAR, and CAB file searching
PDF searching
Active Scripting support
XML and HTML export options
Repositionable contents pane
Display surrounding lines of text
Option to launch external editor at line number
Built in file viewer
Regular expression on folder names
Additional context menu commands such as "Explore here" and "Copy path"
Detailed status bar totals
Reverse sorting
Plug-in support for 3rd party developers extensions
Shell extension configuration GUI.

Happy hunting!
I must hurry for there goes my group.... and I am their leader.
itai weisman
Super Advisor

Re: advanced search utility

thanks for the reply !!!
i checked this program but it still doewn't have neccesary features that i need :
1.duplicates finder
2.search by date (include -last accessed)

if you know another utility (doesn't have to be free) i will be glad to hear.
Ramesh Pakkath
Honored Contributor

Re: advanced search utility

Hi Itai,

This might help.


Ramesh Pakkath.
Nothing is "imPOSSIBLE"
itai weisman
Super Advisor

Re: advanced search utility

hey ,
this utility is almost what i need but it doesn't has a find duplicate folders features.
don't tou know any utility based on administrator who use it ?
James C. Nix
Frequent Advisor

Re: advanced search utility

I'm a little confused by your goal. A fully qualified duplicate folder cannot exist by definition.

If you want duplicate files try ToniArts Easy Cleaner to identify them.


Be careful deleting duplicate files located in different folders. Many exist for a purpose. A full backup is recommended.

I must hurry for there goes my group.... and I am their leader.
itai weisman
Super Advisor

Re: advanced search utility

hello all
i'll refine my question.
the utility that i am looking for should contain the following features -
1. regular file seraches, based on file name, date (creation, modification and access) and size, same way as applyed in the regualr windows xp search utility
2. duplicate file and folder serach: performing queries to find all file or folders which holds the same name, or same context.
3. saving search result (in a text file or other file) for future references
4. advanced file searches - finding files which haven't been accessed for a while (most utilities can find files which lately been accessed, but can't find the files which have not been accessed or modified for a long time)
5. index it's own search results, so future searches would take less time (this is not the most important feature, i'll be satisfied from utilities which perform sections 1-4 above)
Itai weissman
Occasional Visitor

Re: advanced search utility