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bios update not sure

Brandon Vanscoy
Occasional Contributor

bios update not sure

hi i have a compaq armada 7790dmt and there is a bios update and i would like to update but i don't want to mess up my computer. is there any way i can check to see if i have the updated bios or anyone who can give me some help and put me at e's about doing this. i like what the bios said that it updates cause i do have some of the problems it fixs. please any help if even a little would be good. and if any body knows any outher updates that i could do for this computer would be helpful.

thx brandon
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: bios update not sure

If you go into the BIOS Setup you should see the version and date on the front page. The latest version is:

18 Aug 99

I don't see any complaints about it not working in google and it is an old one so would have been pulled if it caused trouble so I would say it is safe.

If you decide to do the BIOS upgrade make sure you use a nice new floppy and do it on a day when the weather is good. A power outage during a BIOS upgrade can be very bad.

Since I don't know what version of Windows you are running I can only point you to:

I assume you are aware of the Windows update site:

Useful programs to run are:

Zone Alarm


(Let it scan your system and create a log file then post the logfile here.)

Brandon Vanscoy
Occasional Contributor

Re: bios update not sure

here is the log i did do the update. it when't fine and it did fix one of the problams i was having.

Brandon Vanscoy
Occasional Contributor

Re: bios update not sure

i try pressing f10 to get to the bios but it don't work. i did put the bios update in it when fine. but i still can't get to my bios do u know anying that could help?


Re: bios update not sure

HI Brandon,
you should not restart or shut down if the update bios is in processing
if you try to turn off the power while performing the BIOS update, your Mother board is probably crashed.
There are lot of updates are there,
bt ever try to put WINFLASH
there is a problem in it it seems.
For Further Info see this..Link
it wiil help u alot