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color settings

Turtle Bug
Occasional Visitor

color settings

Recently someone "f-disked" my hp computer and tried to arrange everything the way it used to run, but now my color settings only allow 16 colors and no other options. I'm trying to figure out how to change this back to true color, anything is better than 16. I don't know a lot about what I need to do now, and because some genius thought he could make my computer run better, I am down to 2 gigs and a little something wrong with everything. My printer does not work now, I can't get my cd burner working...I don't know what to do, but my first concern at this point is fixing the color settings. It doesn't help to restart in safe mode with vga going-it still only shows the option of 16 colors. Anyone with advice? please help...
Trenton farrer
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Re: color settings

Once the person used f-disk on your computer, they basically erased everthing. You will need to reinstall all or most of your drivers. This will include your video display driver and your cd-burner. The best was to reinstall the drivers is to follow the manufacturers intructions with the drivers they supply. You will need access to the drivers, either on a disk or you can download them from the manufacturer's website. You other options is use the drivers that were supplied with Windows. To do this you must:

1. Go into Device Manager
2. Click on the "Display"
3. Click on "adapter" and press the Properties button.
4. Now you must install the new driver here.

I really can't go into much detail here because this is from memory and I can't check myself since I am running NT. Hopefully this will give you a start and headed in the right direction. Try you best to get the drivers that were supplied by Manufacturer and follow the instructions that were included. Sorry I couldn't walk you through it. Hope this helps a little.