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Re: errors

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I have a HP Pavilion #6640C, just recently purchased through Sears. I am,quite
often,'bumped off' with the little message that tells me I havae performed an
illegal function and this program must be shut down. Also, it tells me, upon
ending my session, that there is a task running, and I have the option to end
it, wait 20 seconds or cancel. It does not matter which I shoose, I am,many
times,forced to shut it down illegally because it 'freezes' up. It will
continually run on 48% to 67% of it's resources & I know that this isn't
right. Can anyone help me? I used to have refurbished computers and I never
had this trouble with them.
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Re: errors

In response to your "error" complaint, I have that exact same problem! I
insisted on 128RAM so that I would have plenty of muscle. It is so very
frustrating to have the working power going down, down, down. I have to stop
and re-boot frequently in order to up the power since the mouse will stop

I also get the same messages when I am in "shut down" mode. If I only do
"restart", I have no problem, but regular shutdown will cause it every time.

Not having direct resource to HP is very frustrating. I didn't know that was
the case, or I would not have purchased this computer which is less than 6
months old.
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Re: errors

Hello Peggy and Christine,

You do have direct access to HP for Pavilion support. You can always reach
Pavilion support at 208-323-4663. There is also a user forum specifically for
these types of Pavilion issues you describe.

Your error is very generic and might be a little hard to track down. You
should gather up all the details (exact error messages, software packages you
are running and their versions, BIOS level) and then either give the Pavilion
Support line a phone call or post a message in their forum. They will need
more details to help you dig into this. I just wanted to let you both know
that there is support for your product, you're just in the wrong forum.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes
Regular Advisor

Re: errors

Sorry about that - I should have included the URL for the Pavilion User Forum
in my last post. I'll include it at the bottom of this message. I'm sure they
can help you out since it sounds like you both have a very similar problem that
might be hardware or BIOS/driver related.

Just go to the link below and click on Enter. Then follow the links for
Pavilion's, and then your model.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes