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gnuplot problem

Frequent Advisor

gnuplot problem

I am running perl script from windows.So I am using
then it's invoking the wgnuplot exe .but I want to plot the graph with a input file as an argument.
How to use that input file with wgnuplot cvommant.I have tried with
system("wgnuplot $inputfile");
But the script is terminating.

Can you help me out?
Honored Contributor

Re: gnuplot problem


I have no experience with gnuplot but have you already read the documentation or the FAQ?

Hope this helps

Frequent Advisor

Re: gnuplot problem

thanks for your response...but actually I want to invoke my 'sar' output file to gnuplot to plot the graph.

Can anyone give any other option for that?
Randy C.
Valued Contributor

Re: gnuplot problem

I have no experience with gnuplot, but I found this article:

Here is a quote from the article:

"If you want to display sar data in graph form, you will probably do one of two things: 1) download the data into an Excel or other brand of spreadsheet and graph it from there, or 2) use gnuplot. In this column, we're going to examine a simple Perl script for plotting CPU usage through gnuplot. This script can be modified to look at other data if you care to invest the time."

Hope this helps. -Randy

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