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keyboard: assigning internet keys

John Pickup
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keyboard: assigning internet keys

With my Pavilion 8730, I have an HP keyboard with internet shortcut keys. In the user guide there are instructions on how to reallocate these buttons. I followed the instructions to make the search key go direct to www.yahoo.co.uk When I tried it, the computer was directed to the HP server and then redirected to yahoo. When I checked the address in the keyboard set up, I found that the HP server address had been put in front of the address I had typed in. How do I configure the button so that I am not directed via the HP server?

Any help would be appreciated!

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Ken Boorom
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Re: keyboard: assigning internet keys

I had the same problem.

On my 7955 Pavilion, the tool that allows me to reconfigure the buttons is under the "KEYBOARD" icon in the Control Panel.

This tool allows me to pick 1 of 4 items to associate with a button (URL, Program, etc.)

If I pick "Simple Web PAge with Label" it tacks on the hp.com

If I pick "Complex web page with label" it leaves off the hp.com

If your manager doesn't have that flexibility, another possibility would be to try to configure it to explictly launch internet explorer, and then put the URL after it.

Good luck.